Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tiki Table, Ruby Birthstone, Platypi, Jammer Snaps, and Glitches

Sorry about the late post. I was busy, plus as soon as I was done I went onto animal jam and AJHQ was saying quick rhinos go to coral canyons to stampede on the bridge so of course I joined in on the commotion and that got me distracted though. Nothing happened sadly.
  Anyways, the perfect summer den item just arrived, a Tiki Umbrella Table! Perfect for cooling down in the shade!
So if your birthstone is a ruby you better pick one up because sadly today is the last day. 
There is a new video at Seperia Theater, called World's Deadliest: Platypus Hunt! Sounds cool! 
So today AJHQ posted the jammer snaps of the lovable rhinos! Congratulations to King Spiritrose, Blossom Spiritwolf, Mutant Arcticmoon, Miss Cuterhino, and Baron Magicstone! 
So lastly I have two glitches that I would like to share with you today. One is me walking on water! The other is while changing dens it would appear as if they all have disappeared!

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