Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Balloon Hat, Seashell Necklace, What Happens When..., and Glitches

How are my loyal readers (who I love) doing this fine morning? I hope amazing! Anyways, now, for only 2,000 tickets you can buy this lovely Butterfly Balloon Hat at the summer carnival!
So now we must say goodbye to the Seashell Necklace. It's hard for me to say goodbye to this one because I thought it looked fabulous. But oh well, I still bought one in every color anyways.
Moving on I am doing a new segment called What Happens When..., basically all the answers to everything you wondered. So for today's is... What Happens When my membership expires? So today my membership expired (don't worry I am getting a new one later today). So I have put together a little step by step down below.
P.S they do give you warnings in advanced that your membership will expire. The first one says that it will expire in 5 days, and then they give one more saying it will expire in 1 day.
I hope this was helpful! 
Also if would like a certain topic to be featured under What Happens When... leave it in the comments or email me at miss.zanyfoot@gmail.com

So now I will end it on a glitch sent in by webman (well he's my brother, lol, but he still sent it in) Thanks webman!

Thanks for reading!

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