Monday, 21 July 2014

RIM, Glitch, Legend, and Giveaway

So today is Monday, Rare Item Monday! So today's rare is a Nautilus Necklace!
 So I wanted to share a glitch with that I noticed in the Canyons Pathway! I just left Coral Canyons, and was going to Crystal Sands but I noticed there was only half of me and the half in a rock, weird right?
So I was at the bunnies only party yesterday and I hopped on the drum to watch Peck hop in purple shapes! I just love seeing the alphas! But someone said that if you get enough people to hop she will come and actually hop on the DRUM with you. I just wanted to let everyone know she only hops in the purple SHAPES! I can prove this because the party was full and everyone at the party was hoping. However I did wish we could actually meet her.
So now the part you have been waiting for! GIVEAWAY! So thanks to you guys I got 300 views in my first week of blogging! So I had to celebrate! So I am giving away a full phantom armor set!
To enter just leave your username, status (member or nonmember), and reason in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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