Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tails, Tickets, Bats, and Tips

I think that title sounds cool, right! Well moving on you can now buy Stegosaurus Tail Armor so you can match it with body armor! I bet we'll see a bunch of dinosaurs walking around the streets of Jamaa.
And yes I know I need to save up some tickets. So that brings me to my next topic. Tickets. If you want tickets fast I highly recommend playing Carnival Darts. I won 538 tickets in one try! So look out for a stegosaurus, it could be me! 
Furthermore, have you bought the Bat Wallpaper? If not you should because today is the last day. While your at it you should also pick up the Spider Web Floor. Honestly I am surprised they lasted this long I thought they would have left by Jamaaliday Day LAST YEAR! 

Speaking of Jamaaliday, I will leave you with a post from AJHQ about the Jamaaliday in July party!

See you next time! 

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