Monday, 28 July 2014

RIM, Computer, Glitch, Contest

So today is Rare Item Monday! So weather you are a member or nonmember you can buy this Rare Eye Patch!
So in other news have bought a Computer? I hope so because today is the last day!
So today I was at Jamaa Township when I was in that little stream that separates Jamaa Township from Appondale and, well, look at my pet duck! I thought it was kind funny!
Well to wrap up today's post I wanted to say that I will be closing Phantom Armor Contest on August 1st. I will be honest, I thought more people would enter (I have received zero entries)
All you have to do is leave your username, status [member or nonmember (this does not affect you chances of winning)], and reason! 

Thanks for reading!

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