Sunday, 13 July 2014

A New Land

 So here is my first Legend

*this is MY story (it does not match AJ's story)

Alpha Legends
Legend 1: A New Land
Long ago, there was a majestic bird named Mira. She lived
in a peaceful land, the land had no name. Mira lived among pandas, wolves, tigers, bunnies, koalas, and monkeys.
Everything and everyone worked together in perfect
harmony, that is until one day the unimaginable happened. Phantoms invaded. Everyone thought phantoms were just a myth, but they were wrong. It was a horrifying time the innocent creatures of the land were being zapped to death by the minute. Mira knew she had to do something, and the only thing to do was escape the land in search of new land. So she tried to grab as many animals with her as possible. Mira screeched across the land, “come, come with me, we can escape if we leave now!” A fleet of animals came running to Mira. “Hop on my back! Hop on my back! I can fly! I can fly us to a new land, a new world!” Mira cried. The first to climb onto Mira was a panda named Liza. Then a bunny named Peck. After Peck a koala named Cosmo climbed on to Mira’s back. A monkey named Graham followed Cosmo onto her back. The wolf Greely was ahead of the tiger named Sir Gilbert, Greely started to climb onto Mira’s back but then looked back and said, “so this is it we are just going leave everything we know, everything we have done, just leave and never return. To just give up?”
“We don’t have a choice, Greely!” groaned Sir Gilbert.
Greely tried to run off in hopes of fighting off the phantoms to be a hero to the land, but it was too late. Mira, Liza, Peck, Cosmo, Graham, Greely, and Sir Gilbert were last survivors of the phantom invasion, their beautiful green land had been poisoned. So Sir Gilbert pushed Greealy onto Mira’s back and then climbed up himself.
Mira was flying high above the clouds the remaining
animals looked down to see what was once their home, it was a gruesome sight. Mira flew for days, could have been weeks since no was keeping track of time. She was determined to find a land just as amazing as their old one. But eventually her wings gave in, they all started crashing, crashing into the unknown. They had crashed into the land of Jamaa. A creature unlike anything they had ever seen before greeted them, his name was Zios. Zios allowed them to stay and they were all very grateful.
Liza then started exploring their new land. Peck decided to
paint things she saw at the new land. Cosmo started a garden, and Graham started to build and repair small trinkets out of scrap material. Sir Gilbert was on the watch for anyone who could potentially hurt one of his friends. Greely, well Greely was, well, lurking in the shadows. There was something off about him (but that’s for another story). Meanwhile Mira would be spending much time with Zios. Even during the nights she would slip away to see Zios. Over time the two became deeply in love.
One early morning Zios went to Mira and said, “come on
lets see the sunrise!” Mira agreed and went to the top of the mountain, they admired the beauty of it for the longest time until Mira asked, “what’s that?” as she pointed. They both knew that the mysterious black cloud coming toward them was a giant group of phantoms. They were terrified. Then Zios decided to sacrifice himself. Zios told Mira that he would come back for her whether it be weeks, months, or years he would come back. But Mira could not wait that long so the next day she took flight in search of her beloved.
After Zios and Mira’s disappearance this left Liza, Peck,
Cosmo, Graham, Greely, and Sir Gilbert were now the Jamaa alphas. They were leaders to all the other animals. They are leaders to us.
So the alphas, animals, and us await to when or if Zios and Mira will return.   

I hope you liked it! Because I am in the midst of making an animated video of it!

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