Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lack of New Stuff

Hey Jammers! It's Shiverbreeze again!
Short post today, because AJ seems to be forgetting about everything! Including the daily item, so yeah
At least there's still the clearance item? Which isn't really a happy thing...

I bet it'll be in Epic Wonders soon, along with the silver chain.

The other thing AJ forgot about is the Daily Explorer post. Again. 
Seriously, AJ, we're tired of reading the marshmallow tower article over and over again!

Luckily, AJ hasn't forgotten about the video. Yay! First good news of the post!

Brady Barr's theatre. Pretty self-explanatory. 

Meanwhile, at Tierny Thys aquarium...

The walking on water glitch still works! Ehehe, bunnies!

Play Wild!

Edit: Whoops! Must have missed this!
The new item is in Treetop Gardens, it is the Bamboo Patch

I sure am very very thick X.X
(Thanks Dreamgirl!)


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  1. Actually there is a new item, but don't worry many people didn't notice it, it is the Patch of Bamboo it is sold at Treetop Gardens


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