Monday, 4 August 2014

RIM, Phantom Throne, Starfish, Glitch, Video

Hey jammers! It's Monday, Rare Item Monday that is! So this Monday's rare item is... a Rare Monkey Hat! It can be bought for 750 gems at the Conservation Museum.
Anyways, hurry up and buy a Phantom Throne from Epic Wonders because today is the last day!
There is a new video in Trinity's aquarium, it's called "what do sea stars eat" I always wondered that. 
Anyways this is a cool little glitch I discovered at the summer carnival. You simply make cotton candy and walk through the cotton candy place.
Lastly I made a video on how to make a video, lol. I am always working on making new videos so keep checking for more. Oh by the way if you suggestions for videos leave it in the comments. Oh and I am having a new contest because no one entered the previous one you can find out more here

Thanks for reading

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