Sunday, 10 August 2014

I'm Back

So sorry for the little break, but I'm back now! I thought taking a break would do me good but honestly I missed blogging so I'm back! Anyways today's new item is the giant ice cream cone!

Anyways be sure to pick up a Cactus because today is the last day!
There are two new videos one in Brady's Theater the other in Tierney's Theater.

So a few things I want to tell you guys, first of all I am now an author for the Animal Jam Explorer Lodge. Also I really need more authors. Times and days are flexible! Please guys I would hate to shut down the blog, I need more help. Please read below for more information:

Alpha Bloggers- Attention All Authors- Deadline September 5th 2014 12 am (Animal Jam Time)
I am a very busy! So it can become quite hard to constantly blog so I am on the look out for co-authors. Email me at please include username, email, reason, date, and a mock post (this should include new items, items that are leaving, glitches, daily explorer post, new videos, maybe even a legend, basically exactly what you would if you were an alpha blogger. BTW you MUST have a picture/screenshot to go along with it). You should between the hours of 2 am and 9 am (Animal Jam Time) for more information click here

Oh and by the way I want to do a mail time video but it says scamming is against AJ rules when I say I gift me, so I would really appreciate gifts over the next few days.

Thanks for reading!

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