Friday, 28 November 2014

Still Not Back

Sadly I am still not back however I created this Animal Jam Magazine if you wanna check it out. I make an issue every season. So four a year. The first issue is free, you can check it out here. If you like what you read you can purchase a year's subscription for the small fee of a clothing or den beta. Sorry about the price but it takes a long to make plus I am giving a salary to my authors so I sort of need something in return, so sorry. Anyways I am also looking for an editor and a paparazzi so please email me ( or tell me in the comments! So that's all for now, bye!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Long Time No Post

Hey Jammers! Do you know how much I have missed you guys? It's crazy how much I have, anyways no, sadly I am not back. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for coming back and visiting my blog. Also I made a new blog, however not about animal jam. It is about global issues and changing the world. I know that sounds boring to most of you however I try to make them as fun as possible. If you want to check it out here it would be much appreciated. Anyways happy jamming! Also tell me how you have been lately in the comments!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Final Post

   This is a very hard to say, I have decided to end this blog. I will still continue the plushie comic blog as well as my YouTube channel. I will continue writing for the animal jam GIN and the animal jam explorer lodge. I am deeply sorry to all of you. I have decided to end this blog because I can't fit it into my schedule anymore. As sad as it is I hope you all remember all the amazing times. I myself and very disappointed this blog only lasted just over a month. I will be having an end of the blog party tomorrow at 3:00 pm Animal Jam time at my den. My deepest apologize, you all have been extremely supportive, words just can't even begin to describe my gratitude towards all of you, you deserve better. I hope you all can understand my decision, my schedule is very busy and posting daily is sadly to much of an ordeal. In all fairness the new items don't come out until 1 a.m where I live, and it is not healthy for my development going to bed at 1 a.m and waking up at 7 a.m to start my day 5 days a week. I noticed since making this blog it has had physical and mental stress symptoms. I have been having horrible migraines and headaches as well as nightmares, I do have a stress disorder so this blog has been taking it to the next level and my body can't take it anymore. Please forgive me.
   I would like to give a special thanks to a few people, these people have really stood out by making this blog thrive in my mind. Shiverbreeze, Scooter (chocolate4050), Bugzy109, Snowypaw, birdschirpallthetimeforchips00, loopy44, Crunchy Berryfriend, Londonpie, Kitkat8529, tacocat, casandra189, and snowyclaw (for giving me inspiration). Sorry if I missed anyone, but a huge thank you to everyone!
  I would like to end this on a happy note, here is a beautiful quote that has always helped when finding out something has come to an end. "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it just happened" ~Dr. Sues.
Singing off for the last time,
thanks for reading!

Friday, 22 August 2014


First off I want to apologize for always posting late even when I promised to do better. I am so sorry you guys deserve better. I beg you guys to forgive me. So moving on, I am in a rush so I am using my post from the explorer lodge. the new item is Cosmo portrait! I am going to collect the alpha portraits, what about you?
While out shopping be sure to stop in at Bahari Bargains so you can pick up a Trident because today is the last day!
There is a new video in Tierney's Theater called Swimming with Dolphins, a week or two ago this was posted on the daily explorer.
Now I forgot to post the Daily Explorer posts over the past few days so I am going to go over them now.

Oh and on a totally unrelated note I don't know if you heard of the ice bucket challenge, well I started an animal jam version! For information watch this video!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 21 August 2014


*I made a video on today's updates feel free to watch it or read below*

Please welcome the newest animal to Jamaa, the adorable otters! Sadly they do cost 10 diamonds. It's too bad I really wanted one but I am saving up for an eagle, awhile ago I had finally saved up enough and I was going to buy it the next day but when I logged on it said I had zero diamonds an that I had bought a kangaroo, so someone must have hacked me. But as I was saying earlier, please welcome these cute cuddly creatures into the amazing world of Jamaa!
 Anyways there is an otter mini book in the chamber of knowledge, the best part about it is if you click on the badges you get 100 gems!
 It's also really cool that the conversation museum is totally otter themed!
  In other news all arcade games are 50% off even swoopy eagle!

Guess what, Turning the Tide can now be played in hard mode! You could win a rare set of lionfish armor!
Speaking of Turning the Tide, AJHQ did an alpha spotlight on Tavie!
Also AJHQ has been advertising AJ outfitters, speaking of which I am going to ask my parents for a diamond gift certificate but chances are the will make me fork over the money.
 A new cool feature of the update is the trading system, it's a cool new layout! But there is a total glitch there is a bunny behind that arctic wolf, and that same bunny sent me a trade request about teen minutes before.
Now moving on from the update today's new item is a Liza portrait! So cool!
Be sure to pick up a set of Lionfish Armor because today is the last day!
There is a new video Sarepia Theater called Volcanoes 101!

So thanks for reading this very LONG post (sorry it's late by the way) I will be making a video on the updates in Jamaa later today!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fan Leafs, and Bats

Hey Jammers I am not feeling the greatest so I am going to make this quick (sorry for being late). So today's new item is the Leaf Fan! It is sold at Treetop Gardens! I think it is so cool!
Also be sure to pick up a Lionfish Helmet from Bahari Bargains because today is the last day!
There is a new video on bats in Brady's Theater!
The daily explorer posted a video on Otters (the same as the one in Jammer Central) I can't wait for otters to come to Jamaa!
Lastly, speaking of videos I made a video on a really cool glitch I noticed!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hey Jammers, sorry about the late post, I first had to post for the animal jam GIN and then I had to post for Animal Jam Explorer Lodge plus I slept in, and on top of that I feel pretty sick! So I hope you guys forgive me! Oh and since I feel pretty sick I am going to make this post short and simple. Anyways the new item is the Branch Antlers! They can be found at epic wonders!
I even dressed my deer up!
Be sure to pick up a Silver Chain Necklace because today is the last day!
The new video is about otters! It can be found at Tierney's Theater!
Lastly I am working on a music video! It should be done soon!
Oh P.S I am thinking of hiring a secretary! Basically someone who can help me sort through some emails for the blog! It involves no time restrictions just simply answering question, sorting through emails, and picking entries from contests and stuff like that! If you are interested email me at

Thanks for reading!