AAL Authours

Hey Jammers this is the page where you can get to know the amazing authors of this blog!


Shiverbreeze is an avid Jammer who is not only a great author but also a great buddy! She is dedicated to making your Animal Jam experience as best as possible. Shiver is so hilarious she'll cheer you up when you're feeling blue with her great sense of humor! When she's not in the lovely land of Jamaa, you can bet she's making YouTube videos, drawing, or expressing her love of animals! Shiver will be posting every Saturday and Sunday! Please welcome the newest AAL author, shiverbreeze! Check out her pawesome blog here. Check out her epic YouTube channel here. Have further questions about shiverbreeze? Email her here.


  1. Cool! Shiver sounds a lot like me! Except, I cant figure out how to make my own YouTube channel :)

    1. Well if you want to, I can make a video a little step by step thing on how to make a YouTube channel!

  2. It's like we're sharing all of our authors XD. I have SnowyPaw and Shiverbreeze on GIN too.

    Have a MERRY MONDAY!

  3. I would love to join your blog! Me email is Hp9ajmv@gmail.com If you need a picture I have one.
    I am a nonmember due to my lost membership a week or 2 ago.


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