Friday, 8 August 2014

No Post For Awhile

I am taking a few days off blogging however I will post a video sometime soon. I hope you understand. Anyways I forgot to mention the Sky Blog has ended. I am very disappointed. Anyways I will still continue this blog just taking a mini vacation.

P.S I am having feel better party later today at 4:00 pm Animal Jam time at my den. I am feeling pretty depressed because of the end of the Sky blog and other things going on in my life, hope to see you all soon.


  1. Hey DreamGirl!
    I found your blog its amazing just to let you know would you be interested in posting a day on the Animal Jam Explorer Lodge Blog?

    Just wondered if your interested ^.^

    ---- SnowyPaw (Pandahearn)

  2. heres the link too the application for my blog.

    1. Check your E-Mail. You will be surprised.


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