Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mammoth Tusks, Pearl Necklace, Praying Mantis, Food Chain, Glitch, Videos, and News

Okay so today there is a lot to talk about today. For starters today's new item is these awesome mammoth tusks!
Now while you go out and buy the super cool mammoth tusks be sure to pick of the pearl necklace because it's leaving today!
Today AJHQ posted a cool video about praying mantises, those little creatures always fascinated me.
AJHQ also posted this thing on the food chain, it's really great they post educational things during the summer so are brains don't turn to goo. 

So today the weirdest glitch happened to me, see for yourself. 
So last night I put together some videos on how to make a blog of your own, enjoy.

And lastly I would like to share some important news with you, I am now an author for the Animal Jam Sky Blog! I will be posting every Friday if you would like to check it out! Animal Jam Sky Blog. However I am going to really need new authors for my blog please click here if you are at all interested.

Thanks for reading!

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