Friday, 1 August 2014

New Birthstone, Betas, Ocean Plug, Glitch, and Biology

Sup Jammers! The new Peridot Birthstone can be bought for 1,500 gems at Epic Wonders!
In other news there are two new betas, the Beta Green Heart Couch, and the Beta Green Rug. I like the beta party and all, the only disappointing thing is it really takes rarity away from certain items. But that's just my opinion, what do think of it all? Tell me in the comments.

Have you bought an ocean plug yet? If you haven't you should because today is the last day!

So here is a glitch I saw the other day. I was in Crystal Sands and I just saw this panda, it just looked so weird/funny I just had to take a pic. Thanks Ka00001 for the glitch.
So I will end this post on a video that AJHQ posted on the daily explorer about biology!

Thanks for reading!

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