Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stone Lamp, Bamboo, News Crew, and Authours

Hey Jammers! So the new item today is the stone lamp, it comes in many different colors, however I only like it in the original color.
Anyways today is the last day to pick up some Bamboo from Treetop Gardens, so better go do that now.
Congratulations to Magical Arcticwolf, for your amazing News Crew Entry. It's disappointing I have entered almost every News Crew but never gotten selected. Oh well, I already entered my Jammer Snaps, so hopefully that might win!
Sorry I couldn't show the whole thing
Anyways I know it must get annoying but I NEED more authors, I really can't do it all by myself. Let me tell you the truth here, if I don't get a new author by the before school starts (which is in one month) I WILL shut down the blog. Want to submit? Learn more here. Oh and another thing yesterday we got over 1,000 views, no one came to my 1,000 views party :( but that's not the point. To celebrate I am having a giveaway! I am giving away a Hat and Beard! How to enter you may ask, well just leave your username, status (member or nonmember) and reason!


  1. I could but I can't since I am entering Middle School which means 8 classes and thousands of homework sheets. I didn't have to ask my parents to start a blog. Wish I could help. I might be able to though :D

    1. No problem, I already got a new author so I will be fine, but thanks for your interest! But man, oh man, middle school is the worst!!! So much homework!!!! But it's nothing compared to high school!!!


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