Monday, 18 August 2014

RIM, Painted Pots, In the Dark, Glitch, Jammer of the week

Hey Jammers, sorry about the really late post, before I get into the daily news, I wanted to congratulate and welcome our new author Shiverbreezze! She is a pawesome blogger! She will be posting every Saturday and Sunday, and you be wondering why she posted on Friday, well I had previous engagements and I could not post, so luckily Shiverbreeze was able to take my shift. Also Shiverbreeze will be going camping this weekend and will not be able to post.

Now moving on! It's Monday, so that means it's Rare Item Monday! This week's Rare Item is the the Rare Flip Flops! Now some Jammers have been issues finding it, it can be found at Jam Mart Furniture on the 11th page, I don't understand why AJHQ doesn't just put it on the first page?
  Anyways better go buy a Skinny Painted Pot because today is the last day! It's sad seeing all these Jamaasian items go, just the other day the Small Painted Pot left!
The new video can be watched Sarepia Theater, called In the Dark, it looks really cool!
So here is a weird glitch I noticed at my den it said one person was at my den when really there was two others at my den.
So I have decided to do Jammer of the week, if you would like to be Jammer of the Week email me at but here is this weeks Jammer of the Week! Congratulations birdschirpforchipsallthetime00, you will be featured in the hall of fame (once I make the hall of fame). 
She is so nice, and a huge fan! You are one of the kindest Jammers ever!

Thanks for reading!

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