Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tiki Lawn Chair,Pet Owl, Horse Claw, Chameleons, Jammer Art, and Video

What's up Jammers! Today's new item is the Tiki Lawn Chair. Clearly AJHQ really loves the whole Tiki theme.
You better get a Pet Owl before they fly away because today's their last day in the nest.
Unless you have plenty of diamonds you may need to choose between an Owl and the Horse Claw. Dilemmas. 
Today's new video is in Sarepia Theater, and it's called Baby Chameleons, aww how cute!
Anyways AJHQ posted this awesome Dolphin Jammer Art. Congratulations to everyone who's art was featured, sorry for not giving name credit but AJHQ didn't post names. 
Anyways I made this speed painting video. 3 pics in a minute and a half. I really enjoyed it and will be making more if you guys like it to!

Thanks for reading!

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