Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hummingbird hats, Small Painted pots, Seahorses, and no post?!?!

Welcome Jammers!
Haha, I used a long title like Dreamgirl usually does!
So, this time, I'll start with the bad news so we can all end happy ^.^

The small painted pot may become beta once again, to the jammers of the future...

I really liked this item. Very Jamaasian!

The DT failed to post today :( Waaaaa

Now, on to the happier news!

The new item in the Summer Carnival is the Hummingbird Hat...

I'm rushing today, so sorry, no gif :( And I totally did NOT make this the second picture just to hide the humiliation, like, pfft, who would do that?

(Coughs) Tierny Thys made a video about seahorses!

Who else wishes you can ride'em?

(Cricket sounds)

Okay....So....To prevent ending this post awkwardly....

Play Wild!

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