Sunday, 27 July 2014


Let me start off by saying that I am extremely sorry about the lack of posting lately! I am an actor so I am constantly in acting. Over the past few days I have been in an intense acting course, and then yesterday I was filming a movie, and today I am getting new head shots, but that's a different story. So now time to tell all the new and awesome stuff that has been happening.


I highly recommend buying these epic antlers because they look epic!

This is the fabulous ribbon scarf! It was actually designed by a jammer by the name pouncing fireyspirit!  

This is the perfect hat for walking around the summer carnival!

Have you been to the beta party? Well if so you know all the EPIC betas you can buy!

So two new items at Jam Mart Furniture, a Star Rug! As well as a Grill, perfect for summer barbecues with your buddies!   
What a great way to incorporate nature in your den!

So this is quite interesting AJHQ forgot to add the NEW sign to the  Candy Necklace!

In other news today is the last day to buy a lasso!
So the other day AJHQ was updating AJ, I like the new updates however it was an inconvenience when they went offline.

One new update is when you change worlds it looks like this:

Another new feature is something I find very useful, you can empty your den with the click of a button! 

Now you can have a cute pet rhino for only three diamonds!

Well I am super excited for the arrival of OTTERS!!! Which are coming soon!

The new animal jam insider is available to purchase now! Oh and a little FYI there's a diamond code in there (it's TWELVE) You can buy it here Animal Jam Insider 
So AJHQ is letting us vote for the next set of den items, I want all of them but I ended up voting for the ice cream parlor because I love ice cream! What did you vote for?

So I will leave with something pretty cool that happened to me yesterday!
My howl got featured! 
 It was a lot like the time when my art got featured!
I got a plaque for both!

Thanks for reading!

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