Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Heart Pillow, Pottery Table, NG Kids Giveaway, Jammer Art, and New Videos

Good morning to all you jammers out there! So today's new item is this awesome heart pillow!
As always we need to say goodbye to something, and it's time to say goodbye to the beloved pottery table.
And lastly National Geographic Kids is giving away ten copies of Animal Insider! To enter Click Here. I wish I could enter but sadly I am a Canadian citizen, and only US citizens can enter. Bummer.

So here is some amazing Jammer Art! Congrats Miss Rainycloud, Little Spiritclaw, Flora Shiverclaws, Snowflake Arcticwolf, Flora Scarylion! 
 There also two new videos, one Sarepia Theater, and another at Braddy's Theater! 

Thanks for reading!

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