Saturday, 19 July 2014

Armor, Flags, and Scribble(less)

Today's new item is the Stegosaurus Armor which you can buy 2,500 tickets at the summer carnival (looks like I need to save up)!
When something new comes to the wonderful land of Jamaa something else goes, it's just how it works. So that means it's time to say fair well to the Flag. I have picked one up and so should you.
So today is Saturday, that means it's Scribble Saturday! However I got no artwork this week :( 
so that means we're scribbleless (even though that's not a real word). But I have uploaded something I made (inspired by In Too Deep)! But please submit for next time! Submit at please include username, title, and your masterpiece (duh). There is a prize involved!
I am not the greatest artist but I tried
Thanks for reading!


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