Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Candles, Zios, Rhinos, and Glitches

Good morning! I am actually really tired though, I stayed up late last night. But anyways you can buy this nice soothing scented candle for 350 gems! Except it kind of bothers me because you can't actually smell it, but oh well it still looks cool!
In other news the awesome Zios fountain is sadly leaving TODAY! So you better go buy one at the Chamber of Knowledge ASAP!
YAY! The rhinos have recently returned! And AJHQ seems to be really excited too, since they put up this awesome jammer up on their blog!
Great job King Futurehero, Princess Bravegiraffe, Snowflake Icypride, Expert Coolhorse, and Snowflake Fastclaw, I wish I could draw as good as you guys!

So to conclude this post I will leave you with an awesome glitch I noticed at MY OWN DEN! The only thing is I don't know how it happened! 


  1. Cool blog! That glitch happens a lot, mostly in the volcano den when you change flooring or walling.
    For some reason my den would glitch and the wallpaper and flooring would disappear...

  2. Okay thanks, yeah it keeps disappearing a lot too in my den

  3. Nice blog! The candle tries to convey its smell through images.. but it just isn't the same you know? XD

  4. Thanks! I know right! Oh well.
    Thanks for checking my blog out!


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